~ Grab the closest book to you, go the page 18 (or the next one if there's no text on it) and type the 4th line here:

"...singers and better musicians around these places but there..."

~From Bobby Dylan's Chronicles

What was the last thing you watched on TV?
"Tommy Boy" is on in the background, but I'm not really watching it...

Apart from the noise your computer is making, what can you hear right this moment?
Streaming audio from "chill out" channel, playing Banco de Gaia "We All Know the Truth (You Have God)"

When you last went out of the house, what did you do?
Went and fed my dad's dog and cats because they are out of town

What are you wearing?
White T-Shirt, gray boxer briefs

When was the last time you laughed?
It's been awhile, that's all I know...

What has been put up on the walls of the room you're in now?

Family pictures, a clock, a dream catcher my cousin made me

Have you seen something strange today?
Not really

What was the last movie you saw?
In the theater?  Dark Knight

If you became a millionaire, what would be the first thing you'd buy?
Kinda an Office Space type of answer, but I would invest it in a series of low cost index funds according to a carefully determined asset plan... that counts as buying something, right?  I'd be purchasing stocks and bonds, after all

Tell us something nobody on EP knows about you (yet!):
Um, I could say almost anything...  Hmmm... I have blond hair, there... that is now a known unknown...

Do you like to dance?
If I'm drunk enough, the music is right, and a lovely Flemish girl named Tine, whom I knew when I lived in Europe, is close by... then, yeah... I'll get Footloose with the best of 'em (until I throw up later that night and have to walk my bike home, blind drunk and barely finding my way back to the international student house where I lived by little more than dumb luck and the help of a guardian angel or three)

What would you name your first/next child if it was a little girl?
No idea

What would you name your first/next child if it was a little boy?
No idea

Have you ever thought of living abroad?
I lived two years in the Netherlands, and half a year in Germany.  My next destination is (probably) going to be Japan.  We'll see if it happens or not

What is your morning routine?
I hit snooze about fifteen times, finally roll out of bed and curse my slothful nature, brush teeth, take the world's quickest shower, dress... grab my liquid breakfast (i.e., a dr. pepper, pepsi, or coke), grab my laptop bag, and stumble out the door to greet yet another day in paradise

What would you like God to tell you when you meet him in heaven?
So.... what's the punchline to that joke of a life you put me through, wise ***?



ready2shrug ready2shrug
26-30, M
Nov 9, 2008