It's Hard To Get Out Of Bed

Everyday, i try to sleep in as long as possible because i just dont even want to face another day of living. i'm a mother of 3 married to my high school sweetheart for 17 years. i am always in emotional pain, sadness and depression. i see a psychiatrist and take medicine. it helps me feel a little bit better than when i don't take it, but it doesn't cure me. I just feel paralyzed by my depression to even make any changes.
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2 Responses Feb 4, 2011

Minus the kids, I feel like I'm in the same predicament as yourself. I hate facing life. It's so boring and pointless. And talking about being "paralyzed by depression"? If there's one thing I've heard in years that describes how I feel, this is it. The "crazy" thing is that I'm decent-looking ( a little short at 5'7"), got a great build, collect $3,800 a month from disability,.....I suppose other people look at me and wonder why the hell I should be depressed, and I have a simple answer no one seems to understand: Life on Earth is pointless. We are forced into spending all this time just trying to survive in this useless existence. The people who get the most out of life are the ones that are good at making up silly reasons to live. Some people love to shop, and I can't stand it. It's just dragging people into more ridiculous pursuits. <br />
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I would tell you to hang in there, because I feel your pain. But at the same time, I realize that life just plain sucks.

I use to feel like this too. Never did like the meds, it numbs all your emotions so you dont feel depressed but u dont feel a lot of other things as well. And it killed my sex drive. I was like this for a few years, even if i did go gym i still fealt really shi* after. <br />
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One of the best cures is time. In time you learn stuff, you meet people and you read things. There was never a quick fix thing for me, I just found things to distract myself..first it was the games and then the people. Met my recent gf was a really good distractin and made me feel good, she accepted my stuff and still gave the love. Now im talkin gto this amazing person whos really philosophically and shes got me reading these books to give me bigger insight into myself. Im goina go see her in serbia soon, but see when people understand what your going through and be there for you and try and get you out, its such a good incentive to get out of it.<br />
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Ultimately what helps us is the people in our lives. Yea your married but sometimes people who are too close to you cant help. Thats my opinion anyway. Does your husband try n get you out of it? If i look up some books for you will you check them out? My depression is still there by the way, its not cured and I still have a long way to go. Im soo unfullfilled with my life and frustrated, and i think im just using people as a means of making myself feel temporarily happy. But it works. Until then i just have to find a way. Sorry if this message dont make much sense, iv had to stop n start it because im at work. <br />
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Feel free to email me anytime if your feeling down. I know how it is, maybe you can use someone to vent out to. And then ill help you.