I Want To Live!

Why does my life seem so boring???? I want to go out and truly experience everything that I would think is fun. Like sky diving, swimming with the dolphins. Living life like there's no tomorrow. But sadly I don't have that type of life. I'm stuck at home most of the time because I gots to help watch kids. I can't really go anywhere because I live on a damn island, ain't like there's really anywhere to go unless you got money :/ I wish I had lives like other people that had money and could do anything they wanted. Like the movie "The Bucket List" I want to do everything on my list before I kick my bucket. Shoot, I still am a virgin and haven't even gotten that out of the way yet T_T I need a life, pronto!
Lady808 Lady808
18-21, F
2 Responses May 20, 2012

The fact that you have dreams and desires, to me, means you do have a life and that it isn't boring.

I want to be a sugarbaby