Stuck Between What Im Expected To Do And What I Dont Kow What To Do....

so im currently in a rut. i am a 24 yr old male who lives in the uk. i have a decent job,pay is average and i have a good car where i pay my boss back over 3 years and its mine. my boss is from the same town as me and i have been working for him since i was 14. i am just out of uni 2 years and alot of my friends are still in uni having fun shoing it on facebook. however i feel as if im working just because thats what im supposed to be doing, im not saying i dont want to work to earn my keep, just that theres bound to be more to life than doing something which is a man made notion of how we should be living. i dont know what i want to do. im afraid if i leave my job to travel by my self and dont enjoy it i will come back to nothing, my degree in uni was in construction and i got no placement so id say its useless to me. however i did get a 2:1. i dont really feel confident enough to travel alone. does anyone have any tips or suggestions please?
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

I'm was in your same shoes. I'm 20 have a great job and go to school full time. Great car and pay rent. But not truly happy with my life. I've been practicing mma for a while which is the only thing that keeps me sane. I picked up a foreign language and mastered it. And I'm still looking for more. Im not depressed or anything of that sort. i just feel like cattle following the norms of society. Call me crazy I signed up for the usmc to become a linguist for interrogations and I'm really hoping that will at least make me feel somewhat not like cattle just waiting... So far I'm loving the physical training and the "motivation" from the sergeants... My advise would be to just try new things and find out what you really like and can see yourself doing. . I completely agree making money isn't important if you're not happy. But traveling and finding yourself will cost you.

I feel for you. Im about your age and i also have a decent job that pays me enough to get by. Some people think im lucky because i got this job but truth be told im miserable and wanted to quit my job right now and just travel and find any other job even if the salary is not that good but as long as i am happy, then its all good.