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My Life Is Boring!!

I find my life boring as hell recently i just have a fantasy of having sex with lots of men from EP in real life.... I am missing something in my life and i am not having a fulfilling sex life at all :( Which is a shame as i feel i could spread some of my sexy love to alot of men.
mamdo2 mamdo2 36-40, F 23 Responses Dec 21, 2012

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I'm happy to help you make this a reality

That is sad to hear. I am sorry. I' m sure you wlll get lots of offers here

Where are you because I'll keep you full of sex honey, just tell me where & when you want it OK?

it happens to many of us..u are not alone

Spread you love (and sex) with me ;-)

i feel the same way

i am hoping to see some on on ep shortly for a day of sex and fun just hope it happens and see wont get cold feet

my life is boring as hell also you are not alone my sex life is non existant as i have only had sex once

Yea...spread the feeling around lady...Nice thought.

I actually did live a while being very promiscuous and loving lots of sexy men. sad to say, this will contribute to a feeling of worthlessness. Men do not see or experience sex the way women do. We often equate sex with love, they do not. More often they say "i love you" to get a reaction from us, nothing more. You would end up feeling sadder and emptier than you already do.

I am sorry baby I wish that I could come sweep you away and fly you to and island where we would have sex all day and night. You could get anything that you want and be a queen for a while. If this sounds good let me know.

i have a loving caring girlfriend but she is not good in bed there are so many things i miss and she wont do i wish i could find some one to make me happy

have an affair i have just dont get caught

its after you have done it you feel bad

Hang on in there......don't give yourself easily (unless its to me)! x

Hi mamdo, life seems very boring sometimes. Maybe you dont seek for sex from other men because you care for your partner more than he deserves

It sounds like your soliciting yourself. After saying that, I had met a girl who was a waitress and she complained that she hadn't had sex in a year and a half and cried to me. I was a co worker at the time. She was't ugly or anything I think people go through dry spells and its a hard time. I told her things would change and they did, she got a boy friend and later talk about marriage. So hang in there. I know it seems unfair but we are all facing One trial or another all the time. Good luck sweetie!

I empathize, as well. Although male, I'm in a somewhat similar situation (have read many of your other posts). No shame in feeling, though. Your feelings our yours to suffer or have fun with. Sometimes they are our only fun. Sorry I'm across the Pond from you.

I hear you mamdo, I could've written the same thing (well, maybe not the bit about having sex with men from EP, but something similar...). Sucks to have all this pent up sexual energy and no way of release doesn't it?

I am in the same boat. You are in you sexual prime and should not be wasted. I have a high sex drive and that is being wasted as well. Let’s hope Santa brings us someone to vent all our bent up sexual frustrations on. God help them ;-)

Be my sex teacher!

I think you would get bored with the sex and find yourself even more bored in the long run. I could be wrong

Everybody goes through periods of boredom in their lives, If you can make your life more interesting by fantasizing there's nothing wrong with that.

i want to play out my fantasies xxx

I want to play out mine but i don't think it's ever going to happen.

aww its a shame isnt it tho :(

yes it is :(

whats your fantasy?

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