My Problem

I married young.

To a man who could not love me.

My life stopped and need to be restarted.

I have brain.

It needs to be used.
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6 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Sorry to see you go, I hope you come back soon.

You sud no longer wait .. take charge and turn things around .. make wish list it really helps .. I too lived a unfulfilled life and then i was tired of waiting for thins to happen ... i made a wish list of watever i want to do .. and my life changed so much I am in love with living and want to do more ...

I hope that you find things that are rewarding for you.

What is your relationship like on a daily basis?

That must be hard, what about communication?

Have either of you seen or talk about Marriage counselling.

Oh dear, does he think everything is ok?

I doubt he's having an affair. His contentment may be a result of the breakdown in communications. He literally probably doesn't know any better. This is where you do need to have a serious face to face, heart to heart discussion with him. This is one time where gently explaining something to someone will not work. You may need to use the thick skull 2x4 approach.

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When did you get married if you don't mind me asking?

And was he the same age?

What's the age difference?, 10 years (more or less)

Not long enough to be a generation gap.

There is this website I found called luminosity I believe and it for exercising your brain.Might like could even help you out in the brain needed to be used dept.