Where Do We Go From Here.

Im 44 years old and i feel that im living in strange times,there seems to be a tension in the air that affects people in general,and me on a personal level,my moods seem to be in a state of random flux almost on a daily basis,i wonder if it,s because im a musician or if it,s because i wasted alot of time and years not obtaining my goals yet.They say musicians,poets,writers and artists are moody,creative,introvertive people who prefer there own company most of the time...i don,t know.Anyway where do i go from here?.

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SRAIGHT AHEAD !. Don`t look back, look ahead and go slowly stop and smell the roses along the way. Live for every sunrise and sunset and all the beauty around you.

It sounds like you've hit a mid-life slump where you're looking at your life and wondering how you got this old without really accomplishing anything. You're not alone; I think most people feel this way a little bit as they age. But, 44 is not fatal and there's a good chance you've only lived half of your life. Stop worrying about it and get out there and live the other half of your life with gusto. Stop worrying about being happy -- turn your attention to things that interest you and happiness may just sneak up behind you and bite you in the +*!

I feel kind of like you do... <br />
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the sad part for me is if you look impartially around you actually see a lot of HAPPY people. <br />
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Which usually makes me feel worse... lol!

I'm 28 and feeling the same way.

having someone in your life that believes in you and your dreams, and is by yourside through all your ups and downs. and i am also a very moody person, and also believe i lost out on a lot of things in life, but you can't change the past just move on, go out there and make your dream happen, only you can do that. i wish you luck--and 44 is not old

Go where you are most afraid to go, perhaps? Or maybe follow that nagging, persistent need that you've always turned down as not being who you are...<br />
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Clues abound, but I think most of the time we are too afraid to really just accept that we are not quite who we thought we were. And that's enough to make the mind shy away from our personal truths.