Bored With My Life...

I feel bored with my life!  I'm a mother to four wonderful kids and i wouldn't change that for the world, but there are days ( i'd have to admit there are many of those) were i wish my life was different.  I have been in a relationship with a man for the last 11 years, he's a wonderful father and i love him but i feel i'm not in love with him anymore...  My family are the sort of people that if i was to end my relationship with him id b the worst in the world, id be a failure and that i should just stick with him because he's such a good guy.
I've felt like this for the last couple of years and feel bad everyday for feeling this way but i do.  I feel i need more excitement, more opportunities and more freedom to be who i want to be.  
I love my kids more than anything in this universe, they are my world  They keep my days busy and full of laughter and tears, but i wish i had have waited till i was older to have my kids as i had my first child at 17.  I have always had a passion for writing stories and poetry and have several Lil notebooks filled with them but have never had the confidence to send them off to any publishers or anything.  I think its the fear of rejection that stops me from doing it.  So i just trot along being who others want me to be, praying for the day i can be me...
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we always heard about some one who creates Accomplishment from something other people did not give it # Attention <br />
may this your moment to do it <br />
N.B . always be the Judge because this your live you are the one who win or lose <br />
<br />
<br />