Wake Me Up When You're Interesting


I'm trying to type between the massive yawning fits I am prone to following exposure to some of the crap I read on EP nowadays. I know I asked for a pony for Christmas once, but I didn't mean the one trick ponies who write stores that they may as well title "Ambien", because they have the same effect; or the people whose comments should come with a "Do not operate heavy machinery within 30 minutes of reading this" warning.

If the only way you can communicate is by trying to rile people up and play on negative emotions..... then you are a boring cliche of a person. No you aren't dark, or deep, or profound, or even interesting for more than a day.... and yes much like when the family dog farts on the sofa during game night, everyone does get flustered and offended at first, but the effects always dissipate and in the end, there's no real substance to it.

Would I call people like this fake? Not at all.... I really think that there is nothing to them worth noting except awkwardness and anger. Do I hate them? Of course not--I don't hate farting dogs either. If that's all you know how to do, then that's all you know how to do..... but it gets stale really quick.

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15 Responses Dec 15, 2009

Agreed! Two thumbs up for this one. : )

LOL lets hope so mamacita! I have no idea what possesses some of the people on EP to act like lunatics, but hopefully it's nothing a good old fashioned pitchfork to the booty can't solve =P

*giggles* Oh my god Estrella ......I hope some of the people here read this one...... in particular one who is such a royal pain in the tush... if there is a god in heaven they have read it and maybe stop annoying the crap out of people with their stupid remarks !!!!!! What are the odds chica *holds coin to flip*

Heehee, thanks! =)

LOL! Thanks babe! *flashes CJ*

LMAO Nunya! Thanks OD......... I though this story was quite relevant today ;-)

SR....our shining light of truth! *runs in and pinches bum*<br />
<br />
Thanks dear! You said it!!

lol I would rather smell my dogs fart than read his stories.

Heehee, thanks Wilmaa! ;-D


LOL! Thanks Pumpkin! *hugs back* :-)

Haha! Thanks Kitten, I try to be accepting! XD

Thanks Ego--I don't think you'd ever really fall under this category. :-)

I agree with you and I hope that it's something I will never be guilty of. Good post.

Aww shucks *blushes* heehee, thanks! ;-)