Bored With My Sex Life... any suggestions?

im bored with everything in my life... but right now im just talking about my sex life in comparison to my past life... 5years ago i was a prostitute and living that sex , drugs... do whatever i want, wild life... but now i have stopped and have family, work and go to school... married life is boring...  

i have even tried to do ********* with my hubby but he soon started to get jealous and i had to stop bringing my girlfriend over...

one of my sexual interest is to be a hucow... and lactate and feed my hubby and my sex buddy and girlfriend... but my hubby is not into that...

one of my pet peeves in the bedroom is that my hubby does not give me oral sex unless i ask and almost beg... that is why i have my sex buddy for he love to do it...

hmm and really my girlfriend is just a friend that is a girl because we don't have sex alone... but only when we are having a ********* with mine or her man...

plus i kinda feel weird because the only way i have had an ****** is by having anal sex... which is not a everyday sex act because of pain

but i just dont know what i like sexually... so im still looking for something to spice my sex life up with my husband (or other partners)

any suggestions?
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I know you are in very different situation.. Just go to your previous life as a prostitute for one day and then see..

You could play with me, and bring your girlfriend. :)

You need to just have your sex on the side... I'm not into cheating but if you love him and he you, then the ONLY way you will be satisfied is to have it on the side. Just be careful that your emotions don't get involved, but with your background, I'm sure you won't. Good luck.

I am surprised your husband isn't into the ********** and such. I watched my wife with another woman and I thought it was the hottest thing in the world... it gave me blue balls...

I hear ya. We swapped with a couple and my wife for some odd reason thought that I was enjoying the other woman more than I enjoy her..... WHILE SHE WAS ****** THE HUSBAND. Truth be told I was actually more intrigued with the ******* my wife was having and could have done without his wife.... she was NOT good at all... but hard to explain something like that to her. We haven't swapped since but I'm not giving up.

Yes! Sex with me. My 7" will make you smile and I'll be gentle when I come in the back door. You'll love it

You want to get pregnant? i will get you pregnant.

I'd love to donate the *****.

i think a lady with such a great body like u IS NOT ALLOWED even to get bored specially sexually.
Great *** , Nice boobs perfect body (THAT MUST BE WELL USED)
u need a real man in ur life (cheat, ur husband knows , whatever) but u need a real man
someone who know how to treat a **** like u
someone who knows how to lick u up (anal, ***** , boobs, nipples, everywhere)
u need 2 ***** at least and one girl to clean u up

get a magic wand and a 8 inch ***** that will do the trick

I'd love it if you were a hu-cow who was open to feeding others.
I'd be the first in-line to latch on to your nipple & suckle your milk from you, While I fondle your breasts, incouraging them to fill my mouth with your sweet milk!!!!

Oh yea! And you certainly wouldn't be bored!!!!!

Teach hubby to eat your ***** and ***

I think you mentioned or other partners, and why wouldn't he like it

Introducing a transsexual to your sex life

Like another member said, try bondage. Ropes, silk scarves, tied to the bed a chair, etc... maybe a paddle for some serious spanking....

Sure! You could meet up with me. I love giving oral to the ladies (except you-know-who doesn't like it), I'd love to have a ********* with your lady friend, and I'll be very gentle anally.

Okay what if you try more anal play using beads and have your girlfriend & sex buddy lick it clean once all the beads have slowly been pulled from your rosebud ;-)<br />
<br />
There is also food sex, nuru massage (look up on google), analingus with whipped cream or ice-cream topping. Hopefully i've been of some help Sexy Nurse ;-)

Anal play is soooo damn hot and kinky!!!! I don't know why they won't experiment and have fun ;-)

If they're gentle with your butthole, use plenty of lube, it will be far more pleasurable for you ;-)

Seriously look up“Nuru Massage“ on google as well ;-)

I have tried it once and really enjoyed it. Full body on body massage lathered with oil from head to toe on both people. It can't get anymore hot and sensual than that ;-)

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take a vacation and come see me. i'll eat your perfect little ***** all night then let my thick **** shoot a nice big load deep inside you.

ha,ha,ha sometimes its boring if your hubby do the same everytime and im sure with all the experience you go through sometimes you wish the same way though being married sometimes hard to do the same i guess better to try discreet relatioship just try to log in and be a member of that im sure you will enjoy and hook up as soon you find someone interesting....and yes if im your hubby too i would feel jealous in a manner a man should feel because i myself dont want to share my woman to anyone because i wanted that its only for me everything....i mean everything...ha,ha,ha

thats nice as long you have it discreetly i guess its ok as a man its hard to find my woman do the same but i guess its ok if its not known all over and it happen anywhere in the world....i like your way and im sure you are so yummy at your tender age super irresistible perhaps...

Bored..because of only one way of living.. change living surrounding & u will look fwd to more interesdts.. to start with read Bible..practice Yoga.. Join ARt of Living.. Laughter is side dish sort of sweet part of a larger meal..wish you unboring Life hereonwards..

how about a dog?

Continue looking don't stop until your happy :-)

always a time when everything get bored.. no spice.. do something new.. have a chat with others for new things..

Hot wax, bondage, lactation, whipped cream...........?

69, doggy style, drinking your *** from a champagne glass?

sorry my bad

Serve his dinner or dessert on your body, so he has to eat it off you or out of you....;)

Make him eat a strawberry after its been in your *****?

Eat a strawberry soaked in your ***?

The nice creamy "frosting" on top....:)

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you just have found the right combination of males and females, just keep looking

You're beautiful, you're sexy, and you're smart. just keep your husband happy with your sensual body and keep looking for the perfect combination of lovers. love your sexy pictures