Seriously, Whats To Do?

I'm on here cause, well you guessed it. I'm Bored. -.-

That is not the only problem. I have been having a problem lately trying to find something to do. Lately, I have found out everything I used to do, I no longer find entertaining.

I look around the internet and try to figure out what people do on their spare time. A lot of people say go outside, hiking, mall, find a hobby, etc... but to be honest, none of that interests me. I would like a hobby, but nothing holds my attention.

I work hard, get paid a decent wage, always excited for the week ends, then during the week end I just want to get back to work. I have everything I want, I got comfortable, now I'm bored and have no interests to branch out.

iamnotcreative iamnotcreative
22-25, M
Jan 17, 2013