Well, I recently moved to Dallas, Texas. My husband is from here and has an excellent job. He is gone alot :( AND he goes to school on Weds and Thurs nights. My kids are young- old enough to be content on their own, but not old enough to be left home alone longer than a few minutes. I need to find some things to do in the area. I have always worked since I was 16, and I'm home now because daycare here is OUTRAGEOUS and my 4yo son was "too smart" for head start. I love my lil bud, we have a blast! he keeps me busy but i am really craving some adult time and conversation. So yeah, im lookin for new friends in the area. My husband went to a Christian school, and tho he is wild, many of his friends are...umm...well... snooty and prude LOL things i am complete opposite of. We tried to hang and damn they were some gossipy ******* -_- not my kinda peeps. So here I am, lookin for all sorts of convos. Don't be shy, I am open minded and friendly. I must warn u tho, I get sidetracked so easily...unless im doing 1 of a couple different things ;) lol...i will get back to you. But i gotta be honest, if you are boring, i may forget to respond. But if you keep me interested, we can see what happens :) holla! xo
sizzzlin69 sizzzlin69
36-40, F
Jan 23, 2013