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I always study my lessons.I don't able to hang out,or I don't have friend actually.I don't do lots of friends cause of modern people just talk about sex,or like these things,I want to talk about history,politics.I can't find one who's able to talk these subjects,so I am really bored.
yuriorlov yuriorlov 18-21, M 3 Responses Feb 8, 2013

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Now there's a line I can relate to. Doesn't matter how many people I meet, how many friends I find, no-one ever seems interested in a real conversation. In my case, it's theoretical sciences and since I left university, no bugger even knows what I'm talking about... So I know those feels mate.

Heheh :)

Quite understandable ... you are just a drop in the bucket or ocean even. Even at my age I can scarcely find persons who are interested in deep, stimulating conversation. I am not talking about being an expert on every subject but being conversant. Most people are just shallow ... they are only deep in debt, deep in debauchery, deep in self, etc. This is the real world son ... carve something out for yourself

I am really glad to have friend like you :)

I think the pleasure is all mine ... and thank you so much!

Understandable, but most you can't talk about religion, evolution, or politics without the other person trying to pull a stick out their *** and beat you with it.