Being Bored Sucks


Life has been sort of boring lately mainly because I am tiring to adjust to a new kind of living. I move here from Canada and where I lived in Canada there are parks everywhere. I could step out side take a 5 min ride to the woods where I could listen to nature. Here in San Jose, California parks are in very short supply and you have to drive for 20 mins to get to an over crowded park. I used to paint a lot but I find it hard to be inspired to paint something. Most of my paintings have been dark in colour. A lot of sunsets of candle lit pictures that are uncommon to me. I also have not lived in apartment for 7 years, its hard specially when you balcony faces the neighbor. I have to keep my blind mostly closed because I have expensive equipment in it. Theft is high here in San Jose, even in my apartment there has been a lot of brake ins. Also people are noisy here and stare in at you if you have your blinds open. Not cool, made me sort of a hermit. I just got married to an American and waiting for my visa. It is so frustrating not to be able to work or travel out side of the United States. My husband and I are also tiring to save money to move to Texas in a month’s time. Until then I have too much time and not sure what to do with it because I am uninspired at this point in time.

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Well, that doesn't sound very fun... Although I've never lived in a city and I grew up here in NC, I've heard that when you're living in a city, it's always crowded and stuffy and you're stuck inside a lot. Well, good luck with moving!<br />
-Can't feel empathy, just sympathy

Ha-ha <br />
Yeah it’s going to be hard to move to Texas, but anything is better then here or so I hope. I am living in San Jose and its just crazy here and everything is too expensive.

New place , new country it is hard for sure a. Canada to Texas OMG that might be a little too much culture shock at one time hahaha<br />
Good luck seriously,<br />