So I'm going to start a game.
You and me on a yacht for a day.
What would be the best day you could plan for us?
Most creative wins.
I'll think of a prize marriting the winners response.
Arelia Arelia
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Would make sure that you get a full body massage too start the day, after we would sit on the upper deck sun tanning and sipping drinks, than at lunch have a meal of fresh seafood and salads, follow with some fruits and cheeses, some more sunbathing while the yacht cruise around. Than at dusk we would have a elegant dinner out on the fan tail

Having sex

That's illegal and lame.

How is it illegal

You're a child. just take your time with those things. Think of how fun it would be to have a whole yacht to yourself for one day. You could do anything. Savor your adolescence

drinking wine, and nude sunbathing on the deck while harpooning sharks