What Do I Do When the Rain Goes?

 When it rains, give it a few hours - then it comes like a massive hit of adrenaline. This sudden surge of excitement. I open up a short story only half-finished and run it right though. Then proceed with my novel, running over a few paragraphs and perhaps finishing a chapter and moving along to the next. 

The rain goes...and with it - my creativity seems to fade. I am stuck with nothing to do, I know too few people to attend social events (i've never been one for parties anyway, all anyone does is get drunk and talk about stupid crap), and I've played the **** out of every single PC game I own, I don't feel like reading - and I don't watch (or own) a TV. I get such deep feelings of apathy some days, its just hard to get going and make the decision to get out of bed. 

What do I do with myself when the creative flame only sparks underwater?

Maul Maul
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

May I inquire the subject of your novel?

I find it by finding a song that makes me wonder or a smell that brings everyting together. I love enya, she has a wonderful vocie and i can not help but be inspred by her. go to the park or see a play. i understand the drunk thing, its boring and dull after you hit 25. you need to find what drives you and remember it for times like these. allways remember stop and smell the roses .. smile when childern play ;)