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There once was a women, who went by the name: BeauteFloue. One day she was extremely bored, and decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood. After closing the door behind her she remembered that she forgot her phone inside. She then decided to leave it behind. When she returned from the walk she noticed that she forgot the keys inside(the door had an auto-lock system). She needed to call her friend,who had the spare key, but she didn't have her phone. She decided to go to the neighbor to borrow her phone. Her neighbor was a single women in her early twenties. As she went up the stairs of the porch. She saw a handsome man leaving the house. They had eye contact and fell in love. The neighbor asked her what she can help her in, but poor BeauteFloue was lost in the man's eyes.

To be continued…


Message me I'll continue it later my hand hurts now.

Stop playing with yourself then

Who said I'm playing with myself.

I did

Well I'm not. I got into a fight and it hurts. Not every guy plays with himself 24/7

Oh they should.. If you was playing with yourself you wouldn't have been fighting

If I was playing with myself I wouldn't have saved a girl from getting raped then helping the police in arresting him.

Sure you did

I'm not begging you to believe me.

I know..

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