So, I think that I need to get a sports car and some girlfriends? My wife won't care. I have always been a sneaky, cheating jerk to her. I don't think I have any emotions or a heart.

She married me because she knew I was just like the others! I don't feel love or commitment.

I also like the name Shannon.

What do u all think?
Jacques0041 Jacques0041
46-50, M
2 Responses Aug 24, 2014

Emptyness is our weakness but also from their come our strength.
What you appear to be is something dynamical, hence very multiple are your ressources as a being. Cheers :-)


Emptyness is a source of strength. punkt

Do explain

Must of us all don't think.

So you don't have any emotions ? No weakness and no strongness ? You are just, like something flat, invisible, inodorous and average.