Ask me anything in the comments (not sharing my personal information tho). I'll try to answer all of them. Yes, they can be inappropriate if you're wondering but don't expect too wild answers lol.
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what is a zygote
is it haploid or diploid
whats the speed of light
whats the specefic heat of water
what is catenation
whats the size of electron
what is mangifera indica
what is the technology involved in atom bomb
whats diabetes insipidus
which organ of body has dual blood supply
who are mammals
which cancer you can get on oral sex
which cancer you can get on having multiple sex partners
which cancer you can get on not having babies upto 30 yrs of age
which cancer you can get on alcohol consumption

so some questions i asked now as you told will u try to answer them
obviously not interesting for you then telling your panty colour or tasting vaginas

overall very nice answer except those abusive teachings
you told that you are a science student then you wil come to know what haploid or diploid is or you should be knowing it
it is the chromosomes no in a cell say for eg in us 46 ie 2 set of 23 is diploid while 23 which is there in one ova or one ***** is haploid

speed of light is approx 300,000,000mtrs/sec(u r also correct only thing this ans is in SI units)
yes ur sp heat ans is correct but can u tell me what it means and what it is in MKS units
catenation is correct and is the basis of organic compounds
what u hav told is the wt of electron not the size which I also dont know
the mass is 9.1 x 10exponential-31kg ie 1/1836 that of a proton

Mangifera indica is mango(i wasnt able to ans that when I was in 7th standard and till then its there)

i dont get ur ans on atomic bomb .it is nuclear fission as opposed to nuclear fusion which happens in hydrogen bomb(creation of some dirty minds I can say)
d.insipidus can be coarsely defined like that but actually it is when the concentrating ability of kidney which is done by ADH is lost
heart doesnt has a dual supply as its by coronary arteries only rather liver has got dual -one by hepatic artery and other by portal vein

we are mammals of course but thats not the ans rather the part of kingdom animalia which has got mammary glands or in other words take care of their young ones
yes oral cancer ans is correct
by multiple partners those ans are correct but to have a specefic mention is uterine cancer which is mainly by HPV infection which is a very common female cancer
dear I am not sure about ovarian cancer but its breast cancer whose chances are increased if females dont breast feed their babies before 30 yrs of age
obviously alcohol is having max harmful effect on liver apart from other organs and causes fatty liver and cirrhosis more then cancer
I appreciate ur answer ad as far as who amI then may be your senior considering you are a science student and may be your future senior if you becomes a doctor(my good wishes toyou)
and yes that last part was what to say !!!!!!!!!!!!
may be first time ever so badly abused by somebody and that too a young girl
now what to say
any nice answer

last line is anyway a nice answer

where are you from

do you use a Computer or a Smartphone for surving?

what you doing today