Never went to sleep last night. Im homeschooled i just need someone to talk to maybe to help my day go better
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join any school

Not that easy. :)

Hey I'm free to talk if you want

I'm homeschooled too :) Message me if you want

We can chat sometime if you want. I have work soon today but will be able to talk later. (I'm 19 by the way) Just send me a hello message if your interested lol. This message is for everyone who is bored lol cause I get bored too

I can't something about me being underage it said :)

I'll get you started

How come ur homeschooled??

My emotional issues got in the way of me going to class. It's very hard for me to focus.

Each to their own...I'm not running it down or that...just never met anyone that is home schooled before :-) did u ever go to school??is it ur parents tat teach u??

Yes, I have been but up to high school ppl didnt like me an kinda stepped all over me because I was quiet. Im homeschooled through the computer :)

Now I get ya...kinda like distant learnin....haha here's a mental 1 4 ya but at present im doing that :-) sorry I had this vision of ur mum standing over u while u wer learnin..I hope ya've got over tat stage of ur life and ya stand up for urself...dont like bullies...

Yeah. Im getting there i just have to stay positive i guess

That's the way to ain't easy and it prob never will be but its also how we make it for ourselves 2....there's always goin to be ******** in this world....but there's also a lot of decent people out there 2 :-) I hope it dont lose ur faith n mankind :-) kids can be nasty but that's cause the dont understand normally there's 1 **** and 20 followers....without that 1 **** or maybe even 2 they wouldn't be the way they are...there just sheep :-)

Yeah but those followers sometimes are the majority and everyone hates you then

No there not....screw them ur ur own person....no1 hates u...u can't have done something so terrible that people actually hate bad as u think it is its not quite as bad as u think...

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Wow. Sorry to hear that. If you want to talk, I'll try my best. Maybe you should challenge authority. Fight for your right to go public and make some friends. The longer you sit on it, the worse it will get. Remember, the best action is is inactivity. That should **** someone off heh heh