I am at my last class at school for the day and it's soo boring! I want to be good at school but how can I if they make it so boring? They should make things fun to encourage students to do their work, because being bored just makes us get distracted easily
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oh, where you live at?
its 12:47am here,
in NY
and i like history. the class, documentaries

I live in Australia, it's 2:48pm here and it's not that I hate the classes it's just I wish that they would be a bit more fun

Australia cool. and i underntand you
school can def be boring at times
what grade are you in
i am in my last year of high school
senior year
before college

Yeah and I'm in year nine, I'm suppose to be in year ten but I got kept down in primary as I have a learning disability

oh i see, and that doesnt sound fair :(

Hmm yeah it isn't but I'm use to it, I have a fair bit of problems

everyone has there own problems , :)
i for example
can be socially akward
i have tons of scars throughout my body
i can be persistant which can be annoying

That is true everyone does have there own problems and it's all good I can be like that sometimes to, I suffer from depression, autism and a learning disability, my partner reckons I have bipolar as well but that hasn't been diagnosed

a lot of females have bi poloar
to be exact
but i know what you mean

Yeah bipolar isn't a rare thing

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