I Am Boring.

At a party or gathering, I usually stick to a friend or my group.
Then I pray hard strangers don't come talking to me.
I am usualy quiet and shy.

When I am out or my friend is over at my house, we usually end up doing our own stuffs.
Unless we're playing games.

I am always in the world of my own and enjoys doing stuffs alone.
Well, the stuffs I like to do, like singing, drawing, writing, surfing net, playing games and watching shows,
all can be done alone.

I guess that's why I've little friends?
dunneedtonoe dunneedtonoe
2 Responses May 14, 2012

Wow I sound quite a lot like you! Hey there! I guess I would call myself an introvert and I LOVE spending time by myself recharging and using quality time to get to know myself as a person. I don't have too many friends either, and in darker days, it bothers me, but I've decided to keep looking forward and not care about the amount of friends I have because at the end of the day, if I'm happy and living a life that makes me happy, then there's nothing to worry about :) hey, we could be friends :) you sound really creative, and I'm super interested in creative writing too!

Video games can be incredibly social. If you like a certain game that game can introduce you to other people. In clubs, chart rooms, tournaments and in video game stores. But don't try to be quirky, just relax and be articulate.