Sometimes I think that the reason I have trouble keeping friends is because I'm so boring. The reason I can't easily hold up a conversation is because I'm boring to talk to. I feel like when someone is in a conversation with me, they just can't wait to leave because they're so bored.

I always stay completely silent in group discussions because the moment I open my mouth, I either get interrupted, or I just feel like everyone is bored and my words are a waste of breath.

I, however, personally would enjoy having a discussion with myself.
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im on the same boat

Well, I thought that was a pretty interesting story :) Personally, I believe that people are not "interesting"or "boring" per se, but that people's *communication styles" can either be engaging or disinteresting. You, and the content of your chat might be very interesting, could be just that you need to tweak your communication style a bit?