Losing My Friends

My friends seem to be dropping off one by one.  I'm still pretty much the same person as when they meet me but, I am now trying to be a responsible mother too.  Most of my friends don't have kids yet and now I don't go out and party with them anymore, so my stories and their stories are good enough to keep us going for awhile but, truely I have more to talk about in the mom area and they have more to talk about in the party area and it's just don't coming together very well anymore.   I thought that I had found my perfect mom friend cuz she was younger too and smokes cigs and was a responsible mom but at the same time, she still had party- like thinking in her...but after a year or so we have ran outta things to talk about.  I'm just outta things to say to her- it's awful!  I'll think of a really good topic and then she's not interested in it...my son is almost 2, so he keeps me busy almost all of the day.  It's only when I have a little break and I feel like calling my friends that I'm slowly realizing that they aren't going to answer or call me back.  It sucks! 

girlieladie girlieladie
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

When I was in my 20's there were several women whom I refused to be friends with....and not because there was anything wrong with them. Just that they were mothers of young kids, and I never had any kids. All they had to talk about was what their kids did, said, learned etc. and all I had to talk about was what went on at my office. Nothing in common.