Or Perhaps I Just Don't Think I'm All That Interesting

I recognize that I'm probably one of the more interesting people out there: a benefit of a life lived fairly erratically. The course my life has taken thus far is very unusual. In my day-to-day life I am often very busy writing, reading, going to movies, hanging out with movies, going out on the town; yet somehow I still feel boring. This is only a problem when I imagine going on dates (I'm currently single). What would we talk about? I could talk about them, but at some point they're going to wonder about me. Maybe a part of it is that what is there to say about many of my activities?

Them: What are you reading these days?

Me: Books. Like Harry Potter. It just came out. I'm enjoying it. I like reading.

Them: Nice. So, what else do you like to do?

Me: I like going out for drinks. Or going to movies.

Them: Me too! (takes a sip of a cosmopolitan)

But almost anything can be that way, truly. I guess it's all in how you see your life. You could be James Bond, but if you look at your life as humdrum and boring and the same-ole-same-ole, you'll likely rob it (in the telling) of all that makes it interesting.

You: Bond? YOU are James Bond?! Why, that's sweet!

Bond: I guess. It just gets old after awhile--killing people, you know. At first you look forward to mixing it up: killing people in exotic locations, bad people, bad people that need killin'. But not too long after that it's just another beach with another body on it.

So, long and short of it is that I'm out of shape in seeing the richness that my past has imbued me with. I've lost sight of what makes me so interesting. However, not to fear, I can regain that perspective given time and determination.

I like doing things, read a lot, and have an opinion on virtually everything...so I don't think I'm actually boring; nor do I really think that anyone out there is genuinely boring. I think most "boring" people are merely people that don't currently recognize their uniqueness--or haven't had enough practice conveying that uniqueness to others in an interesting, riveting way.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2007

Ha! What a brilliantly written internal argument :). I find it hard to believe that someone who can write so compellingly could be boring. You must be meeting the wrong people. I'd merrily talk about Harry Potter with you.