No, I get it. I get that everyone is unique and special, and therefore interesting in their own unique and special way. I am probably interesting from afar with my talents and perspectives, but I am dull company. This is a fatal factor with all my relationships. Everyone cares about me in a kind of sympathetic way, and I have met some pretty awesome caring people, but eventually everyone fades away, which hurts me more than anything I gained. They don't fade away because I am a mean hurtful person, or because I don't give to the balance of the friendship/relationship, but because I am naturally very quiet and shy. I think I need to get used to this fact about me, and come to realize that in truth, I will always be alone. I don't say that with self pity, but as a simple declaration that maybe I should stop investing time and energy (and most importantly, expectations) into relationships, and instead prepare for a life that is mostly filled with hopefully pleasant and peaceful self company. 

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

Aww, don't feel bad, I am naturally quiet and shy too. It takes me a long time to warm up to anyone, and even then, I'm still quite introverted and reserved. There's absolutely nothing wrong this type of personality. Think of it this way, if everyone on the planet were outgoing, extroverted, energetic, and talkative, there would be a lot of noise and activity! Lost would be the simple pleasures of reading a good book, sipping a hot cup of tea, and taking a leisurly stroll in the park. Trust me, if you want to find someone who loves quiet, serious women, you will! Lots of people gravitate towards your type, because they feel at ease, because you won't drain their energy with incessant talking, and because you are thoughtful. I have plenty of friends, and they usually look to me when they want advice or just want to chill for the evening. It's people like us who add balance to the human population.