Why I Hate My Birthday


I hate Valentine’s Day because it shouldn’t be a celebration of love.
It was orginally celebrating Saint Valentine, a martyr for the Catholic church. But so much for that.

And it’s my birthday. Everyone forgets my birthday. There’s always a school dance on that day, so no one wants to come to a birthday party for me. Can’t ever get dinner reservations...
This is probably why I’ve only had like one boyfriend, that day has made me hate couples so much…sorry,
anyway yeah.

I’ve got a volleyball tournament celebrating President’s Day this year, go figure.


vbrasel vbrasel
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

My birthday is on Valentines Day too and it sucks. Married friends forget because they are spending the day with their lover, and single people hate it with a passion because it reminds them that they are single so they hate it too. People always forget it. My family doesn't come and visit me even though I'm just an hour away. I'm lucky to get a phone call from them. My husband forgot about it and went to the grocery store to pick me up something...I really don't want to celebrate it if it is a forced obligated last-minute kind of a deal (which it is every year), Our first year of marriage he completely forgot about it and was out getting his truck upgraded . I'd rather it be just a regular day so I don't get my hopes up in order for them to fall so far. It just hurts to be so forgotten even by the ones that are supposed to be the closest to you.