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Ever since I can remember I have been bowlegged. I am a 20 y/o girl and this has really bothered me especially since high school. I want to wear tight pants and shorts and short skirts but I feel too insecure to do it. A few years ago I told my mother I didnt like my legs but she didn't think it was a big deal. But it is a very big deal to me ! sometimes I feel like people who aren't bowlegged don't understand how hard it is to accept your legs when people keep staring at them. to make matters worse, i have been experiencing pain in my feet, knees, and lower back. i thought yoga would help but the pain got worse. my parents told me to take tylenol :(  having this condition has really taken over my life...i constantly notice other girls legs and wish mine were straight. plus i blame my parents for not correcting this problem when i was younger. at the moment i cant get surgery without my parents permission and they aren't supportive...i'm tired of hating myself and i'm ready for a change

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I didn't even notice I was bow legged until high school. No friends or family ever brought it up, I was never made fun of because of it, I noticed it and hated how it looked, however I love wearing shorts, tight jeans, leggings, etc. Confidence is above all. Wear whatever you want, don't live in fear because of something as simple as the shape of your legs, what if everyone else had bow legs but a minority had straight? they would be insecure about their straight legs. Everyone is different, I don't think anyone has found me unattractive because of my legs. Sometimes personally it bothers me but I push the negativity out with positive thoughts. So don't say you "can't" wear certain clothing, because you can. Also don't use the anxiety excuse because I have had severe anxiety for as long as I can remember! Another thing I have had to personally work on. Focus on the more important things in life, I'm in college doing great and getting married soon, bow legs will never stop me or put my life on pause lol! Be confident, everyone is uniquely beautiful.

Don't feel bad about you bow legs; own them! They make you YOU! I have bow legs too. Just think about how many of your beautiful and wonderful ancestors that did great things in their lives AND HAD BOW LEGS!! They are amazing and beautiful! Straight legs, bow legs...whatever; big deal. I couldn't--and wouldn't-- imagine myself any other way, and I hope that you can get to that point one day. I'm Ghanaian, and we believe that God made everyone and everything beautiful, so why should we complain? Bow legs are beautiful; you just need to take time to see the beauty in them.

Hi I am a 24year old girl (I think we are about the same age since this was posted in 2009) I have severe bow legs and am really small (about 5ft1) and people constantly stare, I have severe anxiety now and am sick of being mocked and whispered about. I have currently started a new job, people have started to notice and keep staring, I am so fed up! I was to feel normal, how are you coping ? I also suffer with bad pain, I am hoping I am going to get an osteotomy next year, but not sure, fingers crossed. Hope you're ok, it's been 6 years since you wrote this, but I would love somebody to talk to who experiences the same this as me. Kind regards, Katy

Try Ladisten clinic. I am going through it right now.

I too am bowlegged and have struggled with it. I just want to know if I insurance could cover a surgery? And if anyone else has had surgery the steps and the insurance that could cover it because I know the surgery is expensive.

I feel for everyone of you guys. I have bow legs too. Had it for 40 years. I finally decided to take the surgery. Am on my 11 th day post and recovering as expected:)

Hi, how was your surgery ? I am hoping to get an osteotomy on the nhs next year if I can, not sure yet.

Do you live in the uk ?

I'm late, but I'm 16 years old. African American. I'm a junior in high school. I love fashion, singing and I love heels. Yes, I used to get picked on in middle school lot. and I've dealt with it, but I never let it get to me. When people noticed that I loved my legs and was very confident in everything I did, they began to leave me alone. So now they see it and pay it no mind. I've learned to love myself no matter what anyone thinks. I'm 5'3. I'm have a nice figure. Big butts and thighs run in my family lol. None of the boys I've dated or that I was interested in has ever had a problem with it, they liked it for some reason. Idk. But most people like it, some people don't. I really don't care. I LOVE LEGGINGS, SKINNY JEANS, DRESSES, SKIRTS, BOOTS, ESPECIALLY HEELS. I LOVE TO DRESS . THAT'S ME, BOWLEGGED AND ALL :) Be confident in yourself. I hope you have learned that from some of the comments before mine.

I am a bow legged.I can't wear jeans,short skirts,and others but I still had lots of friends and bffs..nobody is perfect right? I don't careif people stares at me.God gave us this. I'd rather having a bow leg than no legs...

Oh god...what's wrong with you guys!! most of you are talking like there is nothing else to notice in this world rather than bow legs. I am 21 years old girl, i have bow legs. But i never had any problem with it. I wear shorts, leggings, skirts, skinny jeans, one piece dresses...n m always cute, attractive & beautiful. In my university i was one of the most famous girls....this thing never let me down...n i don't blame my parents that they didn't get it cured when i was a baby...they didn't bcz they were nt aware of it...Love yourselves guys..just dress up yourself properly n feel awesome....i hope this will help you in getting out of this bad feeling.

I am so Sad that you too have experienced same as mine.
Based on my experienced.
It is really an embarrassment for me, I am ashamed to wear shorts, skirts and skinny jeans.
I am always crying when I see the legs of other people that are so straight.
I even also blame my parents that why didn't they massage my legs when I was a baby.

The majority of these comments are depressing and embarrassing. Yes, having bowed legs can be a real bummer sometimes. Boots don't fit properly. Skinny jeans emphasize the shape. We're bound to have issues later because of the pressure on the joints. And people sometimes make fun of it or just stare. But it's really not the end of the world. I can't believe there are adults who are still struggling with the fact that their legs are shaped differently. Sure, sometimes I get bummed out because my legs aren't straight like everyone else's. But I've learned to truly appreciate them and all they've helped me accomplish. I was a top athlete in my school years and still am a dancer. I love fashion and wear all the fashionable styles and trends (it took time for me to get comfortable with it, but now I love it!) I live in heels and have learned to walk better than my straight leg friends. My legs, despite being bowed, bring me taller than most of the people in my family. And no guy I've been interested in has ever said a negative thing about my legs. All of you who are still crying over your bowed legs need to work on your self confidence. When you own your confidence and own your truth, people will see YOU and not your bowed legs. The few people who don't matter will still see the bowed shape -- but you either won't care or you'll tell them all the things you're proud of because of your legs. If you're in physical pain because of the bow, then I understand getting surgery. But if you're not in pain, I don't think surgery should be your solution. Instead you need to find social support and enhance your self esteem.

isismommi: I'm sorry your parents don't seem to be supportive in your time of suffering. I don't have any medical background, but I'm wondering if physical therapy and/or massage will help alleviate your pain. And you should definitely have a doctor's physical and perhaps ask for a referral or recommendations. Don't lose hope. You have your entire life ahead of you and so many wonderful experiences on the way. Don't let your LEGS become your LIFE. Said with love and sending light.

im so proud of you

Yeah I see what you're saying, but when people are constantly saying you have 'dwarfism' and are disgusting is really hard to deal with, it depends on how severely bowed your legs are, my are very very severe.

Thank you for the report - I have the same problem but I dont want surgery because of the risks involved. I`m trying to hide my bow legs with the right clothes.Has anyone ordered from ? I`m excited to see there is a site which offers trousers for bow legs.

I know exactly how you feel. I suffered from my bow legs all my life. It was not only causing me physical pain in my knees, but also emotional pain resulting in low self-esteem. I couldnt wear what I wanted or what was in style, I was embarrassed to show my legs. Yoga, weight lifting, nothing helped. I decided that enough is enough and chose to have surgery on both of my legs. My first surgery was done last week actually. I'll be wearing Taylor Spatial Frame for 3 months to correct my deformity. I started a blog where I post pictures and write about my experience. Feel free to check it out

Hi I'm bow legged too, it bothers me life long since I have been aware of my deformed legs. Now im looking for resources for correction I'm aware of the surgery that can fix it but have no idea how much it will cost, also doubt if my health insurance will cover it. Do mind telling me how much you have to pay for your surgery?

I completely understand what it feels like. I don't have a severe case of bow legs, but I feel like I do. I'm so limited in fashion choices because of my legs. I have bow legs & short legs compared to my entire body. I tried different styles maybe you can try flared jeans or skinny jeans but not super tight, a bit loose. And if you want to wear dresses, maybe wear a dress that's a little longer then your knees! I completely understand your emotions about bow legs though. Sometimes I wish I had normal, straight legs, but other times I'm just over it and I'll do whatever I want. I know I can be beautiful without the straight legs, but I completely understand.

I can totally related - my bow legs have always bothered me too, but I have come to terms with them nowadays and have dropped the thought of getting an operation. The risks involved and recovery time seem too much of a hassle. I have come across a site which designs clothing for women with bow legs. Have any of you any tips regarding fashion, what you do wear, what you do not wear? I would love to wear skinny jeans, skirts ...

I'm 67 and KNOW first hand how you feel, think, dream on a daily basis. Don't blame your parents not reacting early. I have both money, determination and physicians as well don't recommend. Procedure is much more complicated that recovering from two broken legs. For longest time I thought that's all it would take. They can reshape a nose, why not a leg bone, I thought. It's the tendons arteries etc that docs don't recommend dealing with. I've lived with my legs a lot longer than you and have concocted numerous scenarios involving an accidentally breaking both legs so they'd have to be set. Guess what they reset them in same terrible shape. Personally 'Bowlegged' is the most awful sounding word in English language. At least fat I could have a reasonable remedy. There is no 'lapband' surgery for us. I was just tickling my 5 year old grandson and observing his beautifully STRAIGHT legs that so many people take for granted. It is that moment which spurred me to actually type in the word bowlegged that i wont even verbalize. I was actually surprised to see a " hit " . <br />
I so wish i Could give you some encouragement but i have none but, to accept your positives and strengths. <br />
I only wanted you to KNOW that someone else understands your feelings and you aren't alone....even if we are the only two people in entire world vain enough to care. I don't know how much experience you have with "special needs" children, but they are my career. The only truly less blessed children that made me grateful for my legs were, the conjoined girls who share one body two arms, two legs, and two heads, at least our legs are our own and we have two of them. These girls have an obviously different perspective on life, and they will have their own reality show in fall. Ive always felt I'd rather be poor, ugly, fat, skinny, unloved than to have lived my entire life with these legs. Then i see truly less fortunate and for a minute, i accept my legs. Never grateful, but accept. <br />
There is not one day of my life that I have lived since I was 15 that I have not thought of them......EVERY DAY. I hear you!!!! Loud and clear.

I am lucky in my unluckiness -- at least so far, I haven't experienced any physical pain from my legs. I am pretty young, though, and I'm afraid things will worsen soon. The self-esteem damage goes farther, though, I think. <br />
It's true that no one understands what we go through -- no, that we have to live with, because unless we get corrective surgery, it's a lifelong ailment. And unlike other self-esteem-lowering things like acne, people can't reason it away by saying "everyone goes through this" or "it'll go away."<br />
I didn't always realize I was bowlegged. I found out in an American Eagle store, trying on jeans. I wondered why the flare in the jeans was hitting one side of my legs as I walked toward the mirror...I looked at the pictures of models and other women walking around, and I saw that my knees could never touch with my ankles together.<br />
From then on I've been hyperaware of my legs and all the problems that stem from them. While my friends don skinny jeans, shorts, tight skirts, and fun, tight dresses, I have to wear something loose and flowy. Jeans have to be flared; straight jeans pull in the wrong direction at the bottoms and skinny jeans are out of the question. I have to wear shorts sometimes, and if I don't look in a mirror, I feel light and sexy...but then I'll catch my reflection and see my twisted legs, and the feeling will fade.<br />
I've always loved a knee-high boot, especially heeled, and I have always wanted to own a pair myself. Imagine my disappointment when I saw sides of the boot stick out and the fabric wrinkle, only accentuating the fact that my legs point in the wrong directions.<br />
The worst is that normal people can't empathize, and they don't think to. Perhaps a girl with clear skin or a naturally thin figure can see others who don't, and be grateful. But really, who do you see listing "straight legs" as a good trait? It's just a given -- except for the people who don't have it. And the only people who will google and read about bowlegged experience will be other bowlegged people, and nothing will change.<br />
<br />
My mom told me she wouldn't pay for the surgery, because my legs were fine the way they are. It must be tough for her, having perfectly straight legs. Harsh life.

I can understand how all of you feel about your legs because I have gone through the mean comments and teasing all my life and I am a 53 year old woman. It can make you depressed and have a very low self esteem of yourself. You can get the surgery done no matter how old you are, and you should get it done now if you are young. See, my parents never took me to see if anything could be done about them. Have your parents make an appointment with a good orthopedic surgeon because if he sees that it may cause problems in the future, he will recommend that you get the surgery and your insurance usually pays for it..

I'm bow legged too, physical pain and low self-steem bother me my entire life. Now im looking for resources for correction.I'm aware surgery can fix it but have no idea how much it will cost, also doubt my insurance will cover it. I sent a very genuine letter to acquire informations when I found a orthopedic surgeon office expertise at bow legged correction. They never bothered to respond me. (Office located at Beverly hills, I looked all over souther California they are the only one I can find online in the area.) I feel my slightly raised hope is crushed. Everyone who looks at your bow legs are not looking to make fun, but with how attractive they are to them. I personally dislike everyone's comments, with the exception of the poster of this topic (but Only due to the experience of pain) and 'bacana4' who has accepted the legs they have... I personally find bow legs on a woman, VERY Attractive and was very happy the above mentioned YT channel was created by whoever created it.

I'm bowlegged too. It doesn't have to ruin your life!!! .. Think about it. EVERYONE has SOMETHING they hate about themselves. Some people think their noses are too big. Some people hate the way their ear lobes are shaped. Some people don't like the shape of their chin. ... I could go on and on and on. At least with our situation we can kinda hide it (e.g. crossing legs when standing, wearing pants, and obviously doesn't show up when sitting). ... I'm 32 years old, I'm a professor, I own my own business, I have awesome friends and a beautiful girlfriend. I used to obsess about my legs, but once I started focusing on other things so did other people. Find other beautiful things to focus on. Life is too short and you deserve to have a great life and be happy!!!

I know what all you are going through as I am also bowlegged. This can ruin your life and has ruined mine.

i really hate my bowlegs!!!!! i dont wear dresses or shorts and anything where people can see my legs!!!!!!! the last time i wore adress is when my mother died and i wore a long onethat day!!! noone gets to see my legs!!!!1 i only go out when i really have to!! whenever i go out people laugh and stare at me!!!!!!! i have been in therpy for a very long time for this!!!!!!! i dont have any friends and im very depressed about it!!! i have very bad anixety when ever i have to go outside!!!1 nothing i put on fits!! i cover up as much as i can!!!!!! i just cant seem to get over this !!!!!!! it has really ruined my life!!

I am in the same situation as you all, my heart goes out to u.<br />
Within one month I am going to get surgery to correct my bowlegs. I'll keep you all updated.

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please all of you contact me at we are in the same shoes and i want to talk about it with people with same much is the surgery in ladisten .pls do tell me.pls..being bowlegged has crushed by self confidence since i was 17,before that, i didnt notice it.but now, it has been ruining even my relationships with other people coz im thinking they are laughing at my legs when im away. i hate being like this. i know i am pretty but my legs are not. i wa

I feel your pain. I am currently seeing doctors trying to figure out my options, Maybe wedge osteotomy

JesseRhea and misis504,<br />
I am 23 years old. I completely understand your situation. I have bowed legs myself. I noticed when I was in 5th grade. Kids in school used to make fun of me. I stopped wearing shorts and skirts in middle school, and I haven't since. I do wear swim suites, but is only around people I feel secure and I know that they won’t make fun of me. I would love to be able to wear shorts, tight pants, leggings, dresses, you name it. Not feeling confident about my legs has stopped me from doing numerous things in life. I was afraid to join any type of sports in school because i didn't want to wear shorts, I joined dance instead because we wore pants most of the time, and when we didn't I was so embarrassed, it was excruciating! I love dresses, but I can’t wear them. All I have in my closet is jeans. When I go shopping for clothing is horrible. I have to try on a million pants and make sure they do not show my bowed legs, they can’t be tight on my knees, or around my calves. Sometimes I come home empty handed when I go shopping because I can’t find anything that looks good or makes me feel comfortable. Sometimes it even makes me more depressed. I always stare at girls legs, and I wish mine were straight and pretty like them. This has been very hard on me, making my have a very low self teem. I was blessed with good generics, except for my legs. I guess this is what tortures me the most. I wish I could’ve been a model, or a ball room dancer, but I can’t. <br />
People can’t always understand what we are going through in an every day basis. Every time I go out with my friends I have a hard time finding something to wear. I’m always the one wearing pants. <br />
However, there is hope. Ladisten is a clinic in Ukraine that performs bow leg corrections, if you visit their website you can see pictures of before and after, they are awesome:<br />
I contacted them and got an estimated price for the surgery. After the surgery you can go back home or stay there for treatment for one month. They will supervise your progress and take care of you while healing. I think it is 100% worth it. If I had the money I would do it right now, but I just graduated from college and I can’t afford it, but I do plan on some day in the future to have this procedure done. <br />
I know it is hard physically (I do have hips and knee problems) and mentally (it manipulates every decision I make), but you need to be strong and know that it can be changed.

I feel the same way. My mother tells me that i should love who i am, but how could she possibly understand? she has never had this problem and she never will. any time i want to wear shorts, i have to wear leggings underneath[not that it help much at all]. Kids at school sometimes walk behind me and make fun of me. Mine arent as noticable as they could be, though, and i am thankful for that. but they are noticable when i walk, even though i have trained myself to walk as normally as i can. i wobble a lot because of my legs and people make fun of me for that too. Im treated like i have to no right to have any self confidence.And i dont:(i want a surgery but i cant afford that.