Oh! Boy, Oh! Boy, Where For Out There Boy.

I don't want people on here to think I am into boys (children) no way, no how.  Mine start at the age of 18 to 21 years of age.  And, when I think of boys, are you talking about twinks?  just curious?  I like my boys with some experience and legal, I am not one of those people!   I cannot, accept the fact that there are some of them on or near the towns I live in or I am near.  Since, I was raped as a child, I cannot help to wonder, if our society is going to Hell in a Hand Basket?  To, think that some innocent child is prey to those types, of people.  If, I would ever catch on in the act of doing so, I would have know regrets, bt to shot his ***!  I, my have some wierd fetishes and i like doing them, of course someone on here feels different, but that's OK, and alright for them to redicule me for it.  I am a Neighborhood Watch Commander, and if I, ever see this happen to one of my kids in this town, then this town will see no more of him.

I think of them as not only Sick but Preverse, ad I will shot to kill, if they hurt my chidren........

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

twinks usually means young bisexual men or gay men not little boys, and about being "Just curious" I don't think there's nothing wrong with age separation between someone who's older. Because I see this a lot, my dad is married to someone who is older then me by four years and my friend is dating someone older them him by 19 years. Youthful and prime-time beauty is something that people are into and it doesn't mean they are Pedophiles when it becomes age differences between the two, since you were raped as a child maybe you should get help for that before you harm someone. Reading your story and you being a "Neighborhood Watch Commander" sounds scary when you have hatred about your experience (which is okay) but I wouldn't want you to over react to someone who is good & close with children just not in a sexual way, and harm that person.