More Disrespect And Hate

A French satirical magazine is set to publish several cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on Wednesday, a move that is likely to inflame the Islamic faithful and militants who have already rioted in more than 20 countries over a movie mocking the prophet.

The magazine “Charlie Hebdo” has confirmed that it will publish the cartoons, but has not revealed what they will depict. French newspaper “Le Monde” reports that some of the cartoons show the prophet in “particularly explicit poses,” without providing any further detail. The magazine confirmed that its latest edition contains several cartoons featuring Mohammed that the publication's editor said would "shock those who will want to be shocked."

France's Muslim Council, the community's main representative body, also appealed for calm in the face of "this new act of Islamaphobia." Even before news of Charlie Hebdo's plans emerged, France's large Muslim community was being urged to take to the streets in defiance of an official ban on demonstrations over the controversial film.Messages on Twitter and social networking sites called for demonstrations to be held Saturday in Paris, Marseille and other major cities, a week after police in the capital arrested 150 people for taking part in a rowdy protest near the US embassy.

Most messages read "Don't touch my Prophet", a variation of the French anti-racism slogan "Don't Touch my Mate" popular in the 1980s.



It is such a shame that the law does not deter such hateful actions by people full of hate who like to spread hate in the world, how many times did I mention the word hate?

If their stupid government does not know better, then they better endure what happens, I call for boycotting French products which shouldn't be a hard task, this is the least WE can do, please people, I understand how some cannot go out in protests, I myself where I live is a very stable place and there are hardly any protests, but there is a more effective weapon to teach those idiots a lesson that will never be forgotten and that is boycotting, do you know that Wikipedia has articles on the Denmark boycott because it really affected them and it was such a big one, we want now new big boycotting campaign that not just Wikipedia but everyone will speak about it.

Boycott their products (and the US of course, read my other story), their economy will be hit and the government then will say: oh, you know what I remember we have a law that does not allow disrespect, hate and racism! Only when their economy will get a taste of this they will learn how to respect others, it happened before with Denmark and we got an apology, let's do it again!

France has a law that will put you in jail if you write denying the Holocaust but they don't have a law if you write disrespecting Muslims, I thought freedom of speech is two way street, isn't it? Or Freedom does not apply when it comes to Zionism and Israel? But it surely applies on Muslims? Note that my point here is NOT whether the Holocaust happened or not, my point is just like you are allowing writings against Islam then allow writings against Zionism but don't be so hypocrite talking about freedom of opinion and speech allowing ONLY what you like.

Enough is enough, I will do my best calling for a boycotting campaign, I hope everyone will do the same, only then we will impose respect, believe me the strongest weapon to fight anyone is the economical weapon, no one can endure such boycott in this crappy economy, all Muslims need to participate in this.

Feel free copying this and posting it everywhere, I hope once this anti-Islam info spread that will spark strong protests against the French embassies as well.

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Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the blessing on humanity, he is most respectful man born on earth, he has millions of fan on earth even today , including me ,
French govt act will be remembered in history as an act of cowardness and racism . Muhammad PBUH will remain the most respectfull and beloved in history of mankind

“every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This law is applicable beyond physics as well. The same law applies in the daily life. Now that the tussle ended up in a Quran burning incident, it ultimately would have reactions.

There are always two ways to react. Create a win-lose situation or end up on a win-win situation. In this case Muslims have the legal right to react, since the incident took place in the world's biggest democracy. Democracy confirms the freedom of expression, but is this freedom of expression or the exploitation of freedom of expression? Think about it.

As far as reaction of Muslims is concerned, Muslims should opt a decent way to react in this situation. The easiest and effective way would be to practice a learn Quran day. Through this you not only bring self-control in yourself, but you will also make a good impression on the world by erasing the tag of extremism from Muslims.

As far as Freedom of speech is concerned, the line between freedom and liberty needs to be cleared and always remember that “complete liberty is no liberty”. “Freedom of speech” has been given for your betterment, do not exploit it for harming or harassing others. Utilize it in extreme positive way and let the humankind live in compete peace.

boycott is on! I already have good alternatives for almost most of my imported cart shoppings!

boycotting google and youtube also!

what do they want??
why not just give up already?! What is it bringing to the world? but war.......

Allah isn't going to allow this to keep on happening, they're going to regret it sooner or later! Just like that person in Denmark earlier died in a fire!

and he is burning in hell as well!