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I am a natural (No silicon implants) 40DD and I never wear a bra; in fact, I don't even own a bra. I am very proud of my bo'o'bs.
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Well alrighty then. : )

@deleted-who are you? I read this story some time ago (a year or so ago) and it was attributed to another woman. This woman was in her 50's. I've also seen things that the username 'deleted' has taken over from another writer. Are you even female? Your avatar is a male picture. I've gotten emails in the past from someone male called 'deleted'. So what in the hell is the deal? Are you just pretending to be a woman for kicks and laughs?

great pair how about joining us

beautiful breasts

You should be proud. They are beautiful and I appreciate the opportunity to see them. Thanks.

Sooo jealous, sitting here with my C cups!

I just happen to love C cups! : )

I'm very proud of my boobs too, but I'm not nearly as big as you (36 C)!

Wow, do you have any pics?

Ooooh !!! Would love to cuddle & fondle, to caress, squeeze, knead, pull, pinch, tweak, suck, lick, nibble, bite & suckle those deliciously ripe & juicy melons.

I am also, WOW I love those *******. Can I cuddle with them? Please just for a while?

love em

I would be proud too

They look magnificent, I'm so glad you enjoy showing them off for everyone's pleasure!

yes you are very lovely. thanks for showing. I am a nice 44KK breast size without any implants and purely all home grown.

WOW! 44KK? I bet they're beautiful. I would love to see them sometime. If you don't mind of course.

I can see why. You have very beautiful breasts. Would love to more of them.

Good for you! I believe that all women should feel as comfortable as you. Braless is beautiful.

You have every reason to be very proud of them.


So we are perfect match. I am the same. No silicon implants, don't even own a bra, and you turn me on.......

they look fantastic. I just read a report the other day that said that wearing a bra, only makes **** sag even more as the muscles used to hold them firm are no longer used.... you are a perfect example...damn they look good.

so wonderful. So well shaped. I envy you

Super amazing. Wonderful set of ****. Please add me

You SHOULD be proud of them, they are perfect!

wow your very attractive and your curves are beautiful

I have been a long time fan of your curves and I just have to be honest about one thing I have learned in life, there is no ***** ******* like natural ***** *******!!!!! :-)
They don't get any better than yours babe!!!


Gorgeous breasts, thanks for sharing. You should be very proud, they are stunning!

Please show us your boobs

Love your boobs if that's your pic I have 40dds as well may I show them to u??

Yes, they are lovely indeed.

Those are spectacular! Wow, Thanks for sharing.