I just received my first punishment; a spanking for buying 3 items online, even after my husband specifically told me not to. We just started our trial with DD yesterday. I somehow feel relieved that he caught me and so swiftly redirected my behavior. He only gave a few licks through my pajamas while I was lying in bed. I was so surprised, I've never been spanked my entire life, even as a child. His hand was so large & hard! I couldn't help but rub myself as soon as the quick punishment was over. He must have been reading up on DD, because I was redirected quickly from touching my behind. Next time he tells me he plans to use his belt that's hanging in the closet. I hope I don't feel it for quite some time. Also, we were both aroused by the entire scene. It just felt like such a natural balance of power. How could his **** not become engorged at the site of my submission to him? We didn't act on the arousal though. Another time, another situation. ...28 days remain in our trial...
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Such control by him and you not trying to seduce him to get back on his good side.

Check out the story I wrote here. Let me know what you think.


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