I Am Often Scared Though

Since I was little, I was taught to be scared, from my father to being raped, passing by school and other little things of life that could rot you, and make you become a fearful person, and a dishonest one.

But I fight, and I'm courageous I think. I face my fears very often, and I don't hide in a corner, except to cry maybe. I face life frontside. It might not be the better solution, but it's mine. I'm an honest and loyal friend, even if it means to be standing with them against the world. I'd rather hear the truth than a lie. I keep fighting even when I can't. I have a really unbelievable strenght, coming from inside. I hope even in despair, and more, I will do anything to know the truth, even sacrifice my privacy I hold dear.
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May 23, 2012