Im Not Really Brazilian Just Nuts

i'd like to be though as i think they have agreat exuberance for life and they can dance a asmba prtety well plus i love that music very musical ppl. i met alot in portugal they always seemed so happy and laid back even when most of them were working very menial jobs with long hours. such free spirits aswell. make me wanna dance n sing..
One country i woulfd definetly like to visit..also great footballers!! I want them to win the world cup
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I love a Brazilian - or the full monkeys forehead, either is nice.

You should go for it :-)

painful wish u men would get one!!

Now there is a thought, there a Beauticians across the road and a tattoo parlour round the corner! have you ever watched 'Wild Orchid'? some of that is filmed in Brazil. I used to work with a Brazillian guy, he didn't have one though :-)

You probably heard the story that when George W Bush was president he called a press conference to say how he was upset at the death of a Brazilian in Afghanistan... then he turned to **** Cheney and said, "How many is a brazilian sounds like a lot!" :)

you live in brazil

nobut I want to go

instead of visiting a country :) cumm & visit me in Richmond,va :- )))

I quite fancy Richmond is is sunny

Need a nut cracker?? [lol....]

didnt manage to see their nuts simon mores the pity bahaaa