Brca1 Positive And Fighting Anxiety

I found a lump and then another and they were both diagnosed as Breast Cancer in December 2011. I had a double mastectomy and genetic testing. I had chemo for 4 months and found out I was BRCA1 positive. I had my ovaries out.
Now it is 1 year later. I am cancer free but full of anxiety. My hands are hurting a lot (believed to be from the arimidex which is now femera but no change in symptoms) - I also have some numbness in my feet and pain in my right arm and shoulder but it's less than my hands so I often ignore that.
Are there others out there who are dealing with this and the anxiety it brings? How do I appreciate the time I've been given by the treatments I've had? It's easy to say live in the now or take it one day at a time but living that way is harder for me!
arnoldl arnoldl
46-50, F
Jan 14, 2013