23, In College, And Not Letting This Get Me Down

Like some of you, I was tested for the BRCA1 gene after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before she got the bad news, we really didn't think much about our family history. It was only after she made an appointment with a geneticist that made it clear that a mutation may have been to blame for her diagnosis.
I think the most unnerving fact that I've learned, just from looking though our family health history, was the age of my female relatives at the time of their diagnoses-- as young as 31 and as old as 50.
As of today, my only brother is still awaiting his results. So far, neither of us are very concerned. Knowing that we need to keep an eye on things is a preventative weapon against cancer that we never had before. Even if one of us is diagnosed with cancer, it will be because of a self-breast exam or extensive monitoring on the doctor's part. So why be worried? It's best to just keep on living like I have while keeping tabs on my health as always.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I have to admit I'm a bit envious of your attitude and outlook. I had that attitude until my cancer scare at 19 and since then it's been a battle to regain it. Keep it up and stay alert :)

You are a great inspiration! My positive gene wasn't diagnosed until after I already had breast cancer. I'm so grateful that medicine has come so far so that future generations have the great monitoring like you do!