Best Face Forward.

I am experiencing a traumatic time at the moment with my Mother so ill in Hospital.I will not post her illness again least to say she is very very ill.
My days are now centered around visiting Mom and then informing her family in Ireland as to her condition.

I Love that woman so dearly it hurts so much to see her tiny frame so frail in that hospital bed.I wish to God I could take on her illness alas I am unable to do anything except put on a cheerful face on visits when I am breaking down inside.

Please let it be so that I look back on this entry in a couple of months time and Mom has received the operation that would save her life.If anything should happen to her I will have no desire will or wish to continue.

garvan garvan
51-55, M
3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Thank you so much halographic,I can see what you are saying is making sense.You are a very kind and thoughtful person.

my mom passed this june.30,my heart goes out to you as i know it is breaking,i pray that no matter what happens you will be able to cope,you will need emotional support support,love,encouragement,strength from god and all people who understand what you are going through,i fell pretty hard all i could do was throw my self into some seriously deep hard to understand supernatural scientific **** to get my mind off it all,cry,pray,release anger,it was hard to eat,sleep, doing better,but only because i have a mini crisis or 2 of other matters to deal with right me any time if tou wanna talk,share.i believe there is more to our existance than the physical realm,life that we precieve,i dont get it all,but i have had enough experiences show this to be can be a comfort to know we are imortal souls.death is not an end and has no hold.

You must, she wants you to live on.