Every Minute.

I dont know why bad things happen to me but they do. I have gotten broken up with 2 days ago ad it still hurts like a *****. :/ i gave him eerything and i thought we would make it but we didnt.... i dnt understand. Im a great girl with a great personality. Why do i keep having bad relationships? Whats so hard of finding a good man that loves u ? I ask mysellf this question each day. A couple of friends keep tellin me "Jaz ur such a beautiful person, hes an idiot". But i feell like im the person thats the idiot.... :/ ugz. I neded to write this because im leaving now and this will be my last story in awhile...... ug. I know my soul mate is out there somwhere. Andif u are reading this , i need you like i need air. I keep picking the wrong men because i want to fnd u. Even though i dont know who my soul mate is.... i know ill love him very much. I hope he loves me fr me and never gives up on me or drops me for other girls. :/ Im breaking down really because i want a boyfriend. Eveeywhere i look there is couples texting eachither, holding hands and kissng. I mean. Why cant i have that? I wannt that kind of love now. I want to know what real unconditional love is.
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Jan 23, 2013