So This Is What It's Like...

to unravel. I've heard of people having 'breakdowns'. What does that mean? Is that when you sit at your computer and cry until your nose hurts and your eyes are puffy? Gee, I've been doing that a fair bit lately. Am I having a breakdown? At what point do you just close up shop? I don't think I'm there yet...

JackGrey JackGrey
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Yep, this is a good place to be when you need to let it all out. No question. There are good people here who understand and can lend a sympathetic ear. Good luck, JackGrey!

I know what you're describing! I've been there, twice.It all shakes out, Really it does. You'll go thru the various emotions then possibly, back thru again. It's tuff. Believe it will end.It could be a short duration or a long one. Keep your eye on the prize. Emotional happiness or whatever your goal is.Not a pretty process, eh? We know and will help you along, if you choose. Best regards!

Call me if you need anything at all.

Well, yes, but not exactly prescription. Have you got something in mind?

You don't close up shop!! You come to places like this so you can get it out and find someone who's in the same position. If your are really that bummed though, have you tried some meds? It's not shamefull, just something to get you over the hump and back into life.

Thanks, Ms Bird. I think it will now.

(((HUGS)))<br />
Best of luck to you.<br />
I hope everything works out.

Thanks for the hugs. I'm quite sick of talking about it, actually. What I really want now is to get on with my life.<br />
It's finally possible.

My heart goes out to you--I know how it feels to have those emotional dams finally break loose. If you need the ear of someone that has been there before, I would be glad to listen. ((hugs))

You're absolutely right of course. I have been struggling through the slow dissolution of my marriage, and trying to get my husband to sit down and talk, but up until this story's post, I had been unsuccessful. But he was finally ready last night to admit that I'm leaving, and the only reason he didn't talk about it was that he knew that there was nothing he could say. So a huge amount of the pressure inside me has found release. All that's left now is to work out the logistics of my freedom.

i don't believe in ''breakdowns'' i believe that people don't communicate their feelings enough and push everything down and the depression builds up. if this continues, see a doctor. not necessarily a psychologist but even your normal physician it could just be anxiety.