guppies come in so many amazingly beautifull colors. learning about them is so interesting, the veriety of colors,& shapes... The mollies also. I had no idea that "Live breaders" where so interesting.

 I use to think that a fish for a pet was

      I was suprized to findout how a single fishtank could brighten up the whole room!

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Hehe... yea, they are called the rabbits of the fish world ;) not letting it get out of hand is the tricky<br />
it's the breeding of specific colors, to produce show quality is what I would like to achieve some day. I'm not anyware near that yet, but I'm satisfied with such fasinating things I'm learning about them in the process!

Wow I thought you just threw them in a tank and they mated like rabbits. I didn't even know that there were different kinds of guppies. Very interesting.