Genius Certainly Does Not Guarantee Happiness

Cheers to moxiesurvivor for starting this group.  Even the phrase, "I am bright," sounds foreign and politically incorrect.  Were you to say, I'm left-handed or I have blue eyes," that would be fine, were you to say, "I'm very smart," that would be considered conceited, even if true.  I've spent a life being the smartest person in 99% of the rooms I was ever in - sadly, it guarantees nothing.  My life has been characterized by self-destruction and poor choices.  While the mind is the largest sex organ, and therefore very handy, it is like a really fascinating toy unless it resides in a host that is whole - that is - until you get your emotional and spiritual life straight - being smart doesn't really give you an advantage, in many ways, it can actually act as a detriment because, if for no other reason, you are aware of your pain, unlike the dolts, who are blissfully ignorant.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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5 Responses Jun 17, 2007

I agree. Cliche - Too smart for my own good.

Always good to have you on the scene, Mox, just shows how smart you are. ;- )

I just hope I'm making better choices! I'm with you on the choice thing Garto! As usual, you said it so much better than a lot of people. Cheers, Mox

Another gem from the El Lagarto archives upon which I cannot improve but will happily bump to the fore.

Alas unfair as tis ,<br />
tis true nonetheless!