I'm proud to be a british asian.  It's part of my identity.  I hate it when someone asks "are you from india"?  I always say no.  England is where I was born and raised. Great Britain is part of me so much more than India.

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hiya<br />
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nevr met sum1 same az me ere<br />
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holla innit xD

Its funny how we are so fixated on labelling people. I guess its a quirk of human nature.<br />
I never understood this either. <br />
My parents are Italian immigrants. I am proud of that heritage (its given me awesome cooking skills!!) but I was born and raised in Australia and for the last 15 years have lived predominately in the UK. So what am I?<br />
<br />
As an aside though, I confess I am quick to switch between all 3 nationalities should the cricket/rugby fail us *grin*