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Im From Durham

I am proud to say i am from one of the nicest places in england . 

I dont think there is nothing better than going away for a while and forgetting the little things that make your hometown special . 
when i served in the army for a while. i remember when i got discharged. the feeling of coming back home was amazing.
as you arrive into durham you can see the heights of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. situated around old cobble streets. 
I think the cathedral is one of the main things that make durham a special place . Thousands of tourists come here a year just to come and see the cathedral . people from china, america , everywhere and i only have to walk for twenty minutes or 5 minute bus drive and im there.
On a night i often sit on the cathedral wall and just absorb myself in the silence surrounding it. its beautiful i could sit there for hours just filling myself with peace , observing the views over the city that are in sight. 

Durham to me is definitely a special place with centuries and centuries of history . it has beauty , it has the vitality of daily life and its also got peace and tranquility within minutes of the hussle and bussle of the market place . I may leave durham one day but i know for sure it will be a place i will never forget and will miss deeply . 
Johnny88 Johnny88 22-25, M 21 Responses Jun 17, 2010

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Durham City is like stepping back in time, especially coming over Milburngate bridge and up Silver Street towards the market place, then right up Saddler Street to the Cathedral. Other than York, I've never known anywhere else in this country so ancient and steeped in history, but still functional in today's world.
It's just a shame the nightlife has been ruined by the Gala!

Beautiful place have visited a few times. Please feel free to join my HISTORY OF WHERE I LIVE experience and add a write up for Durham to show it off :)

Having only found Durham recently, I have to agree with you, it is beautiful. There is so much to see in the surrounding areas too, that it is a wonderful place to stay. My hubby is working up in the area, hence the reason I stay in Durham so much. We stay five minutes from the centre.

Hi Johnny 88.Good for you. Im irish and I feel the same way about my place.I spen over 20 years in England and liked it very much. I worked with a guy named Dave who came from your place and I used to sing Duram Town by Roger Whittiker.He would go mad and say Wi I man,
Durham isnt a town, its a city.Doesent it have a cathedral? It makes me laugh still.
Anyway, a bit of patriotism is a good thing. European? Nah!
Keep the faith.

Hi, Johnny... I just realized I can probably learn a lot about different cultures here on EP as well. I'm watching Remains of the Day, and I just love the scenery over there in England. I think one of the filming locations is Durham. What's life like in England? I heard mention in the movie that funerals are more stately than in the United States. Other things will pop up, too...

Cool. I'm living in British Columbia Canada. It's very beautiful up here too.

I love Durham. I was a student in Hartlepool and visited Durham and have never fogotten how special it is. The cathedral and wooden sculptures, step narrow cobbled streets and the many book shops. It was like going back in time.

Did you see Camden whilst in London? I think you'd love it there.

Bleed... I wish I could have been there to hold your hand! hehehe, but seriously, it sounds beautiful... I've only ever been to London and I was only there for about 5 fast days and we just did the tourist trap... UGH!!! But I would love to go all over that little island!!!

I know exactly how you feel. I lived across the road from Gloucester Cathedral for two years. I could see it from my bedroom window. It was especially beautiful when it was lit up and night and I would often walk the cobbled streets in the dead of night.

Wonderful Story. I could picture bumpy, cobble streets, the towering cathedrals... sounds absolutely beau'iful. I love the idea of being in a place where you can easily seperate and detatch from the hustle and bustle of things to a tranquil place where you can recieve a short "escape".<br />
<br />
Except for the nostalgia of aged streets and buildings... Seattle offered much of the same generosities that you describe. I left Seattle for LA eight years ago and I've been trying to get back up there ever since.

i think british guys r hot.....i want 2 live in Durham!!!ur so lucky!!!its boring here in da least 4 mehh......ur cute:]

hopefully i would go one day

I wish one day I could also get a chance to see and experience the Divine BEAUTY of your city..plzzzzzzzzz wish me :)

Yeah very well written.

Must be lovely to love your hometown johnny. I hate mine its a industrial shithole of the North.

What a way to introduce Durham to the rest of the world.<br />
<br />
Thank you :) I especially like the part when you talked about going back after being in the army.

I want to see!

aaaaww :) i will do i will save you a seat ill make sure my dog keeps it nice and warm for when you arrive :P lol

You hometown sounds so beautiful! I've been to visit England a few times in my life but have yet to make it to Durham. It's on my list, next trip. Next time you're sitting at the cathedral please put me right next to you... :)

sound great.<br />
<br />
will google it now.<br />
<br />