I May Ony Be Half Brittish But I Am Still Proud. Ps Is It Brittish To Call A Folded Peace Of Bread A Charlie ???

I may only be half British but I am totally proud. I work as many brittish terms in to my vocabulary as possible. Such as you poor little sousage, bangers and mash, flabergasted, and gobsmaked. Oh and men perspire bourses sweat and woman glow. =)

Ps is it Brittish to call a peace of bread folded in half a Charlie. I'm not sure were this one comes fro
in my family???
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Umm I'm not a Yank I am canadian lol

if you thought english was strange try speaking Geordie like me . like the we lassy which means small girl . ganning doon ot the toon. which means going down to the town or going to Newcastle.

No were they were it meant what time do you want me to wake you up tomorow morning but ya I know that term more the way you do to lol.

if you say,your mum wanted your uncle joe to knock her up,it means she has asked to knock her up,means to make her pregnant ,( to be knock up) is to be pregnant.

Just don't get us Brit's on you Yanks and Fanny bags, that just is the best! Completely Gobsmacks us each time, Ok Yah!

I have no idea were she is from exactly just know she is brittish. <br />
<br />
I remember my Mum telling me when she was 19 she went England and her uncle Joe asked her what time she wanted him to knock her up in the morning lol she was gobsmaked lol

you have not offended anyone ,they are just telling you were wrong ,that is all,we all have to learn ,at some time,which part of the country did your nanny come from,is she from Yorkshire.

Sorry dident mean to affend anyone. I thought I would just share the little I know about the English side of mu family.

Come on guys give her a break, I think you should use the terms I'm a cockney nut job, dogs bollocks, charlie, mud, henry, ******* on my bonfire these quaint phrases always go down well in polite conversation.

cha lie is a name given ,to a drug called coke ,as for being British,the only person that is British is a person ,not born ,in this country,they would say ,they were , Scottish, English, Welch,or Irish,but never British.

That is beyond awesome.

Oh I know there british terms cuz my nanny uses them. I guess there just older ones. Lol

As far as I'm aware, i've never used any of those words in my life. LOL I really hate British stereotypes.

Oh I have terrible gramar and ok It is really bugging me were a chrarlie came from.

Oh sorry dident mean to affend anyoneone what's Wrong with my post???