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i have lived traveled around the world almost too much 3 months here and 6 months there but only one place is home and thats stoke-on-trent and thats fine but man i wish i was somewhere else just recently
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5 Responses Sep 8, 2011

I want to visit Fiji and sleep in one of the huts over the water!! Any one been there? : )

I just came back from se Asia and saw quite a few Brits there, not so many Americans. Also met a guy from Scotland I still keep in contact with. Loved Bali and Thailand. Next trip to Asia I 'd like to see more of Malaysia. But I must go to Africa. Perhaps that is next.

I have not been to Asia,s on my bucket list! : )

south east asia is good, not too expensive, great food, nice and warm, but just keep moving till it feels right,,,,,,,, i enjoyed brigton myself, good night life

I have traveled quite a bit myself, and I love England too. The English people seem one way and are nothing like it.They seem so distant and proper and prim, but the minute you speak to them and smile, you end up in their den drinking tea!Have not visited Stoke on Trent but visited London and I loved Brighton.Where did you wish to be by the way?