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British Citizen

I was born in England. Ashford hospital, to be exact. Granted, I've lived in India for more than half of my life, the fact that I've spent the latter years of my life so far in England, I just feel more British than Indian....

But I have to be honest, I do love being British. I just wish I had the accent =P

deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses May 16, 2008

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You must be quite amused. I know the Norwegian girl found that people thought she came from all sorts of places - except Norway, of course!

It sounds a fun accent, which will perplex people. Like the Norwegian girl, whose nationality I didn't know. Her English was perfect. I thought that, maybe, she had come from Australia. It transpired that she had had a boyfriend with a strong west country accent, which had imprinted itself on her Norwegian/English way of speaking. Once you knew that, it all fell into place!