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I can hear nothing, nothing at all,
No sound from the kitchen, no sound from the hall.
Silence from the neighbours, no purr from the cat,
Noone about, to join me for chat.

Usually I like it, away from the riot,
Relishing the tones of such peace and quiet.
But today I’m not sure about my usual theory,
The muteness engulfs me and feels kind of eerie….

pennynoodles pennynoodles 46-50, F 5 Responses Oct 1, 2012

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You have a mastery of the language and of your own style of writing. Very Good ! This critic couldn't write my way out of that proverbial garbage bag... or is it wet paper bag ?

Really fine poem. You touched me. Thank you for that.

I love it and my thoughts aren't too much different I like the silence but sometimes it is eerie. can you add me as I can't add you and I think we can be good friends.
thanks Nigel

Lovely description of a scene I can visualise.

I know what you mean. Peace is invariably a welcome experience, but sometimes.......

Thanks Simon. Usually, I embrace the silence, just today I didn't. Proper grumpy I was.

Come to EP & take all that grumpiness away!!!!

Love the poem,but I do love the peace and quiet after being out either with friends or work!

Usually I do too. Today just felt 'different'. I didn't like it.

I did. The new Dwarf names cheered me up no end :O)