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He is irritating me beyond belief. I'm trying to be patient. I'm trying to smile, without it turning to a grimace but it's getting difficult.
I'm counting the days til he's gone.
pennynoodles pennynoodles 46-50, F 5 Responses Oct 20, 2012

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Hang in there and .. Be nice. Well I know how hard that is when we have people take advantage of our time and space.

Thanks but they've gone back to their homeland now. I am a very patient person, I have to be and they were not aware of my frustrations with them.

We both feel the same way about my dad! lol Would never have him to stay either!

I didn't invite them, I had an email saying they'd be coming over for 5 weeks but would be staying with other people too. Up to week 4 they hadn't. However, Ive got 5 days off now. yay

Next time they come, turn the heating off and hide the extra blankets! They don't like the cold you know.

OK I'm sorry I shall now sleep and enjoy your photo I hope things resolve don't be sad.

If you need to talk I'm here!

Thanks. He's going tomorrow... flags will be flying. Don't look at the photo, you'll have nightmares. bfn

No you are attractive good night

I have lost my problem but the legacy remains.

Pain is a memory replace it with a new one that doesn't hurt

I probably should have added that this is not my husband I'm talking about. It's his father!!!

Wow...I can sooo relate to that feeling!