British? Not Sure

I was dragged here when I was a child. So I guess I'm Technically British.
I am grateful though of the Dual Nationality and the British Passport when I really, really need it.
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Well Australia tecnically isn't a real sovereign nation rather a self governed dominion and officialy a member of Greater Britain the thing is Aussies /Canadians tend to forget theybare still under Her Majestey's rule and their prime Minister is nothing but a representative

Thanks for your comments, but I really don\'t think you know what you\'re talking about. In other words, you\'re talking bullshit. :-)

Yes he is :)

Haha no it\'s a fact that neither Canada nor Australia are actual sovereign nations
They are just self governed colonies remainders of the former British Empire
That now claim to be countries but tell why does a independant nation need a British governeor General ? And than is everything still under her majesty\'s grace ?
I lived in the UK for five years I understand the British colonial system as I the British ways

Seeing as you are the self appointed expert why don\'t you tell me? I\'m joking, I really don\'t care what you think or think you know. I\'m quite happy living in Australia and know we are totally self governing. Have a nice weekend.

Har har ! Well aren\'t we a feisty today aren\'t we now !
Looks like some one doesn\'t like to receive a bit of critics don\'t we ?
Well up to you lah....

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Well to some people being British is a drawback but not I. I am proud of this little island and it's depth of history even if a little worried over it's current direction. Have you been back over the years? I'm always please to chat with an Aussie even ex-pat Aussies so I hope to hear from you via EP

Yes, I've been back a few times. Don't feel the draw as much now that my Grandmother is dead. I totally loved that Lady. But it's too cold for me now. Sorry. :-)

Well I can understand the dislike of the cold as I have to say it's not endearing to me either. Glad you have been back though and sorry to hear of the loss of gran. Where in Aus are you? I'm in Cornwall here in England but originally from Essex

I was actually born in Scotland. My Grandmother was a true Highlander, and spoke with the most beautiful brogue. I loved Cornwall too though. It's beautiful. :-)

Oh sorry, I live in Perth, Western Australia. :-)

OK thanks. You may have to apply for a Scottish passport soon if mad Alex get's his way.

No, it's okay LOL I've got an Australian and British one. How do you think the referendum will go? I'm just curious now. :-)

Well being English I don't get a vote but I do believe it will be lost and we will all stay Britain. There is a groundswell in England though that we'd be better off without Scotland as for it's small population it is far over represented in both parliament and the civil service. Also I doubt that it could maintain it's services on it's own income as London subsidises most of the UK.

Jeepers! Do the English dislike the Scots that much. I personally think the whole United Kingdom should stay United. Blimey. You've surprised me now.

I think it's a reaction to all the very vocal anti-English ranting that has been used over the years. It seems that if your Welsh, Irish or Scot you can say anything you like about the English but if we say anything in return we're being disloyal. I personally don't care either way but I do believe that England would be financially better off alone and out of the EU too. However, we also share a long history with other counties of the UK and this shouldn't be forgotten. Regardless it will be the choice of our Scottish partners to reject us and go it alone. If that's their choice then so be it.

Oh goodness. I had no idea, but I do hope you think the Aussies are your allies.

Because we sure are Mate! :-)

Yeah I have the fondest respect for Australia, NZ and Canada especially and most of the Commonwealth as again we go back a long way. We have a healthy sporting rivalry which England has started to believe in herself again but as nations the respect remains.

Ha! Well you're probably going to win the Ashes again. LOL Much to my distain. hahaha

I hope so but I think it will be a close run thing. My sport is Rugby union and Australia are the team to beat at the moment. Mind you NZ and SA are formidable too

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I wish, I would be British. Dual Nationality is even better!

It does come in handy sometimes. :-)

Don't tell me the importance of passport :D

Okay I won't. :-) I think you already know.

I know it BADLY :S :S

Sympathies :( (What does :S mean?)

confused and sad

Oh gosh! So sorry to hear that! :(

NVM :) .. this is for you :)

NVM? Sorry, I'm not up on these acronyms. :(

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Whisper ->>>> Dual nationality ;) :P

Oh! Problems?

I agree with you, very true a British Passport is very handy especially when traveling around a lot of Europe and British Commonwealth countries :)

I agree. Read my story "What's in a name" part two. I valued my British passport then. :)

I have already read that a few days ago :)

I wouldnt of thought you werent... dunno if thats good or not :-P

Excuse Gemz? What do you mean? lol

Sorry!!! I meant i thought you were British til I found out you werent... Im a bit thick today lol

You are not in the least bit thick!!! lol
I'm sorry but I'm an Aussie born in Britain. :)