Policemen, social workers, prominent public figures and royal family have been accused for years of belonging to a paedophile ring which indulged in a relentless campaign of physical and sexual abuse towards young children.


Andrea Davison Jimmy Savile SERCO and How it all Fits In With Child Abuse Covert Arms Shipments and Governement Fraud


           Orchestrated interference from highers-up

It raises the prospect that Savile was part of an establishment network as in freemasonry which invariably protects its members

It seems nowadays that everyone in the public eye is attempting to suppress the press and media. 

It seems that the rich and powerful are quick to take drastic legal actions when stories in the press don’t suit their public image. 

From sports personalities, celebrities and actors to politician’s indiscretions.

Andrea Davison found time to work tirelessly to investigate paedophiles named by victims in the Police and the establishment such as Tory Peter Morrison MP, and Tory Derek Laud. Both were close friends of Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a close friend of Jimmy Savile who recently was exposed as a paedophile. She started to work with the then shadow Home Secretary Tony Blair who tried to get the then Home Secretary Kenneth Clark to take action against the Police. 

But Clark who years later as Justice Secretary would make sure Andrea was prevented from having a fair trial refused to help and instead protected the paedophiles in his Government and in the Police. 

 Last Month Ben Fellows accused Clarke of being a paedophile

Andrea and journalist Pete Sawyer continued the exposure through Scallywag magazine who’s co founder, and editor of its successor Spiked, Angus James Wilson, died mysteriously in Cyprus around 1996. 

Scallywag also exposed that MI5 took foreign diplomats and important people to the North Wales homes and secretly filmed them abusing and torturing boys to use the tapes for blackmail. 

This is a classic Intelligence modus operandi with regard to child abuse by the famous and influential – especially politicians that they want to control. 

The cover-up of child abuse over decades indicated the hand of the State Agencies. 

This all linked covert arms deals and child abuse.


Were the police in awe of Jimmy Savile?

One of the most disturbing aspects of the Jimmy Savile scandal – and there is strong competition for that dubious distinction – is why police didn’t arrest him over child abuse allegations five years ago.

Detectives spent months investigating claims the BBC star molested an under-age girl at a children’s home in the 1970s.

But for reasons which have not been fully explained, officers from Surrey Police decided not to detain him and instead interviewed him by appointment.

The importance of that decision in the wider scandal cannot be exaggerated because had police arrested Savile, they would have had the right to search his home.

I just wonder what they would have found at the home of a serial child sex predator who for decades clearly felt he was above the law. Child **** videos, pictures of under-age girls on computer equipment or even pictures of his young victims?


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Have you got a light ?

Thanks, again, for shining a spotlight around.

This is just a snippet of what is going on behind closed doors

Oh my word!I tought that something goes on that we dont know.But that it is so bad i never tought.
Well okay, when i saw last year how many MPs claimed expenses for stuff they should not,then i try to imagine what else they are hiding

That sounds as if our whole legal systhem is corrupt.I just hope that not everything is true and all of those who are guilty get there punishment

$ICK, $ICK, BA$TARD$ ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!